Welcome to Phoenix Lawn and Landscaping and thank you for taking the time to visit our About page. My name is Ray Brigandi and I am the owner of Phoenix Lawn and Landscaping L.L.C.

Phoenix Lawn and Landscaping (PL&L for short) is licensed and insured. You can find us on other networks such as Linkdin, Facebook, other media sites and friendly .com partners. We service the central, north, and west parts of Phoenix.

Get to Know Us, Our Vision & Plans for the Future

How long have you been in business and why did you choose landscaping?

Phoenix lawn and landscaping has been licensed and incorporated since 2009 but the business was operational 2 years before that. I chose landscaping because I love to work outdoors and because I was taught to respect the environment and make a meaningful contribution to my community. Gardening – landscaping is a profitable industry in high demand with lots of opportunities for success. 

What does phoenix lawn and landscaping do, and what do they not do?

We are a full service landscape management company. Our diversified landscape services include: Commercial Residential and HOA Maintenance, Irrigation, Conservation, Design and Renovation. I do not climb trees, I do not cause or settle domestic disputes, and I do not pick up pet waste.

How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

PL&L consistently strives to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We build relationships. We focus on what the client wants and we deliver results at a great price. From emergency repairs to seasonal maintenance, asset preservation and curb appeal are the bottom line when working with PL&L.

What direction do you want to take the company in the near future?

I am enrolling in the U of A cooperative extension program and will become a Certified Master Gardner in 2014. Continuing education is the only way to stay current with industry practices and standards.  I hope to set those standards in the near term through innovation and collective collaboration. I envision creating and developing a product line for gardening and landscape uses. I will sell these online around the world and become a Billionaire!

In what ways do you give back to the community?

Community outreach and service is a meaningful part of my life and business. I have volunteered at St Vincent De Paul Food Bank serving meals to the hungry. I have volunteered the maintenance services of the company for the benefit of Toys for Tots, We sponsor Campo Bello school an under privileged but A plus rated school. We award the faculty staff and students for their hard work in teaching, learning, and succeeding. Last month we sponsored an onsite bbq for the teacher during the PT Conferences. Last week I assembled bicycles we will award this month for the top 2 students who read the most books this term. I also hope to establish, promote and operate a highly productive community garden for the benefit of the undernourished. 

About Phoenix Lawn & Landscaping

Landscaping is a first impression, it's what everyone immediately sees, so you want it to be perfect!