Landscaping is a first impression, it's what everyone immediately sees, so you want it to be perfect!

When early spring comes, while the water temps are still below 50 degrees, is a good time to evaluate your pond / fountain and make plans for the coming season. This is when you take inventory on your pond / fountain supplies and make sure you are stocked up on beneficial bacteria, water conditioners and even decide if there were any upgrades you wanted to make during this time.

Soon after the summer months come are probably when the most pond / fountain issues arise. Warm weather oxygen levels, encourages algae growth and makes fish more active - leading to increased feeding and waste production.

Once winter comes around you should have properly maintained your ponds and fountains so there is minimal effort needed to prep these items. When covering them, you want to make sure you do this properly so they don't crack due to winter weather.

Some of the important factors in pond / fountain maintenance are:

  • Checking the mechanical systems
  • Making sure spillways aren't clogged
  • Looking for signs of erosion
  • Cleaning out any loose debris
  • Making sure your aeration device is properly functioning
  • Testing the pH levels and balancing

Protect your investment properly and let the professionals give you a helping hand.

Pond and Fountain Maintenance