Landscaping is a first impression, it's what everyone immediately sees, so you want it to be perfect!

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Winter Clean-Ups: In most of Arizona, the winters don't get cold enough to effect most of your landscape. Sensitive plants may need some protection during the colder nights of winter. During winter we recommend the preparation services of laying down mulch or tree wrap, wrapping a cylinder around sensitive trees to protect against frost, and general removal of debris from the previous season.

Spring Clean-Ups: Spring time doesn't last long in Arizona - It begins around the middle of March and ends around the middle of May. During spring we recommend a clean up which consists of a weed and pest control, trimming shrubs, re-edging, debris clean up, preparing flower beds, planting, and other general plant care should be done during this ideal time.

Summer Clean-Ups: We all know how harsh the Arizona summers can be. Many plants also have trouble making it through the summer heat wave. Summer starts around the middle of May and finally ends around the start of October. During summer we recommend protecting the more sensitive plant with shading, also trimming back shrubs and trees so they have less stress to carry through the summer. 

Fall Clean-Ups: Fall starts in early October and lasts right up to December. The fall clean up consists of cutting back shrubs, trimming trees to promote health, re-edging borders, weeding, getting rid of debris and preparing for the winter chills.